Go Programming Language Packages for Oracle Linux

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About Go for Oracle Linux

This page describes Go and related packages for current releases of Oracle Linux. For Oracle Linux 8, the packages are provided via AppStream modules and are covered under Oracle Linux support. Consult the Application Stream Module Life Cycle appendix in the Managing Software in Oracle Linux manual for support timelines. For Oracle Linux 7, these packages are published in developer repositories, for which support is limited to package installation assistance only.

Available Go Releases

Go Version Oracle Linux Release Repository/Module
1.16 Oracle Linux 8 x86_64: go-toolset, aarch64: go-toolset
1.18 Oracle Linux 7 x86_64: ol7_developer_golang118, aarch64: ol7_developer_golang118
1.17 Oracle Linux 7 x86_64: ol7_developer_golang117, aarch64: ol7_developer_golang117
1.16 Oracle Linux 7 x86_64: ol7_developer_golang116, aarch64: ol7_developer_golang116
1.15 Oracle Linux 7 x86_64: ol7_developer_golang115, aarch64: ol7_developer_golang115


Oracle Linux 7

To install Go from this repository, first install oracle-golang-release-el7 to configure yum settings.

For example, to install the most recent Go version listed above on Oracle Linux 7:

$ sudo yum install -y oracle-golang-release-el7
$ sudo yum install -y golang

Oracle Linux 8

To install the most recent Go version on Oracle Linux 8:

$ sudo dnf module install go-toolset

Running Go using Containers

To run Go applications in containers see the resources below:

Getting Help

For help with Go on Oracle Linux, please visit the Oracle Linux space in the Oracle Developer Community.