RepoWatch uses the yum repo metadata from various projects to allow you look at the details of RPMs without going to all the trouble of finding and downloading them. (It also has download links if you want to go deeper).

Within each distro version (linked below) and within each repo in a distro version there is a search box where you can type glob patterns to find RPMs.

There are also RSS and Atom feeds for each distro version and for each repo that you can use to track changes within a distro or a repo.

Oracle Linux

The OL5 and OL6 versions are of historical interest only. OL5 had no updates since November 2020. OL6 is in extended support and only receiving limited updates. For more details see Lifetime Support Policy, Oracle Linux Extended Support and ELS packages.

Appstreams tend to have a shorter lifetime than the distro version. If an appstream is shown in the info page for an RPM, you may want to check it against the Application Stream Module Life Cycle page.