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Latest Packages

  • BaseOS Latest: x86_64, Source

    Oracle Linux 8 BaseOS Latest (x86_64).

  • AppStream Latest: x86_64, Source

    Oracle Linux 8 Application Stream Packages (x86_64).

  • Add-ons: x86_64, Source

    Latest add-on packages for Oracle Linux 8.

Installation Media Packages

  • BaseOS GA: x86_64, Source

    Installation media copy of Oracle Linux 8 BaseOS GA (x86_64).

Packages for Test and Development

Note: The contents in the following repositories are for development purposes only. Oracle suggests these not be used in production.

Getting Started

The Oracle Linux Yum Server is pre-configured during installation of Oracle Linux 5 Update 7 or Oracle Linux 6 Update 3 or higher.

If you have an older version of Oracle Linux, you can manually configure your server to receive updates from the Oracle Linux yum server. Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Oracle Linux, Oracle Linux yum server, Oracle Linux Support and more. Read more »